Welcome to Mohack Cyber Security!

Representing Mohawk College, our team prides itself in staying one-step ahead of the competition. We are considered blue team security experts who welcome new members and delightful conversation. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding information security.

Information Security

Our teams' goal is to inform and train individuals about the on-going cyber threats that we may be faced with every day. From learning how to spot phishing emails to learning proper ways to secure all your online accounts, our team takes information security very seriously and want to ensure the world is under maximum protection.

Weekly Meetings

We use this time to discuss, practice, and explore the newest cyber-attacks. We are consistently welcoming new members and would love to help everybody become a little more informed. Please join us virtually over Zoom or In-Person in room EA 311 on Mondays from 7:00pm - 8:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Book Club

When we are away from the computer, we understand that threats don't stop evolving. This is why our team started a book club relating to information security. Our past readings include Tribe of Hackers by Marcus Carey. This book looks into the lives of InfoSec professionals as they answer questions related to the field! Our club is currently looking for other books to inspire current members to explore what the industry has to offer!

Guest Speakers

Fortunate enough to have professional contacts in the various information security fields, we plan on hosting guest speakers to advise our members on their next steps in becoming information security experts. From learning Kali Linux toolsets to which certificates are highly accepted in this field, we can guarantee that the information learned from our club can be applied to real-world scenarios and possible future employment.

Capture the flags (CTFs)

Our team will compete in various CTF events. These events challenge its participants to solve computer security related problems. This may also include attack and defend scenarios. Please contact us for more information.

Kali Tool Talk

With over 600+ tools in the Kali Linux distribution, our team has currently been dividing up the information gathering tools and have been giving quick presentations on their uses and syntax. This allows the entire club to get exposure to all Kali has to offer. If you have a tool that you'd like to present, please contact us for further information!

A message from our Presidents

Kiet Chau


Welcome to Mohack, the Mohawk College Cyber Security Club website!

The club was created for all Mohawk students to learn more about how to keep information and technology safe in our digital and physical lives. We invite anyone interested to join us in exploring everything technical and non-technical about cyber security – from how to hack websites and servers, to how to spot a phishing e-mail, the club has something for everyone.

Become a member of the club, stop by the Cyber Lab for a chat, or monitor this site for educational articles and information about the club's activities!

Evaristo Ramos, Jr.